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Airport Security

Airports are a vulnerable target for terrorism and criminal activities. Low-level security measures and security oversights can lead to catastrophic consequences. The Transportation Security Administration handles airport security at most airports today. While the government agency has been successful in screening out troublemakers and lawbreakers, the sheer amount of foot traffic in and around airports can be a serious challenge.


These factors have prompted many airports across the country to hire private security firms to ensure a smooth experience for passengers, visitors, and airport staff while ensuring the security service is of the highest standard. We provide customized security measures that suit an airport environment. We secure airports in the following ways.


Extensive Training - Pyramid security officers are trained using our proprietary security officer training module. Our security officers must pass this test and receive a certificate of fitness from the company before they are given airport security duty. There is a constant transfer of knowledge from the management team to the employees.


Strict Screening Process - All our security officers are put through a rigorous screening process which includes aptitude tests, psychological tests, drug tests, and criminal background checks. We provide the full applicant investigation result of every potential airport security officer to our clients for approval before any security officer is assigned airport duty.


Effective Patrolling techniques - Our security officers are strategically placed throughout the airport terminal. They make security patrols in irregular patterns. This helps our officers respond to potential dangers and security threats in the quickest and most effective way possible.


Emergency Response Plans - Airports have a constantly changing environment, professional security firms should be flexible and adapt to the constantly changing security needs of an airport. Our security officers are trained to be flexible with the demands of the job and to combine a proactive and non-confrontational approach to any security threat.


Friendly & Approachable - Our security officers are trained to be friendly, approachable and an available source of information to visitors and staff.


Vigilant - We ensure a security officer is always present nearby should customers, visitors or airport staff need any help or assistance in case of an emergency.


Supervisors - We provide supervisory personnel to ensure strict adherence to our general orders and the rules and regulations of the airport management. Supervisors are on duty 24 hours a day and conduct random checks to deal with any complacency on the job from our security officers.


We encourage our security officers to interact with airport staff, visitors and passengers. We try to create a feeling of community and safety. We let visitors and passengers know we are there for them.


Our pledge to keep you safe.

Keeping airport staff, passenger’s and visitors safe is our highest priority. We are the best at introducing smart and effective security solutions to every environment or industry we are given an opportunity to protect. Protection of lives and property is not just a job to us, it's our corporate culture.

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