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Businesses and government institutions engage  the services of armed security officers to safeguard lives and property. While the police and other law-enforcement agencies are trained to respond to crimes and incidents after it happens, armed security guards usually adopt a preventive approach. They are trained to anticipate risks, be on the look out for potentially dangerous situations and deter crime before it happens.

Pyramid Security Group's armed security officers are specially trained in critical thinking, active listening, spontaneous decision making, negotiation skills and stress tolerance. Our armed security officers are usually deployed to places which are prone to security breaches and threats. Examples are ferry terminals, religious institutions, government institutions and educational institutions. Security officers are deployed along the entry/exit points and buiding perimeter where they monitor activities in the area and aroud the building.

Our armed security officers would maintain surveillance through mobile patrols, monitoring of closed circuit TV cameras and constant patrol the building premises. Security officers would respond to emergency calls related to security breaches or criminal activities. Our security officers are physically fit, well  groomed and experienced in the handling of firearms. Our security officers would be responsible for alerting law enforcement officers in cases of assaults with a deadly weapon. Pyramid Security Group security officers would also be responsibe for conducting security drills, active shooter drills and workshops to give tips and advices to workers on how to protect themselves and respond in an emergency.


Because of the sensitive natre of armed securiy, Our armed security officers are put through a rigorous screening process which includes aptitude tests, psychological tests, and drug tests. In line with our transparency policy, we make the results of all tests conducted o our armed security officers available to our clients  on request. We recruit only the very best and most experinced security officers for armed security. We make sure there is no room for error when our security officers are deployed to any job site.

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