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Boat Clubs & Marinas

We provide customized security solutions to boat clubs and marinas. Security at boat clubs and marinas present a unique challenge. Some of the challenges faced in securing boat clubs and marinas are.


  • Extreme weather conditions.

  • Constant motion due to movement from marina jetties.


Boat clubs usually have a constant flow of visitors and club members who own or reserve boats. It is important to ensure that activities are moving smoothly and no expensive property is damaged while maintaining the relaxed environment of a boat club. Boat clubs and marinas usually have high-end security cameras installed on the premises, these cameras act as reactive measures rather than preventive measures. We put boots on the ground and physically ensure that your establishment remains safe and secure.


Vigilant - Our security officers are trained to make visible foot patrols in irregular patterns. We ensure that a security officer is always present nearby in case of an emergency or if any help is needed.

Access Control - Our security officers will keep a constant tab on people entering and exiting your boat club. Any attempts at forced entry would be swiftly and strictly dealt with.


Friendly & Approachable - Our security officers are trained to be an available source of information to employees and customers.


Training - Apart from the state-mandated training and in-house training, our security officers are given site-specific training. Security officers must pass this training and receive a certificate of fitness from the company before they are posted to your boat club or marina.


Best Service at a low cost We follow a fair pay policy and ensure one of the best wages for our security officers. You will get quality security services at an affordable price.

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