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Transportation Facilities

Pyramid Security Group provides round the clock professional security services to high-risk points such as transportation facilities. Transportation facilities are high-risk points due to their sensitive nature, location, and operations. We provide professional security officers who divide into groups of armed patrol, unarmed patrol, mobile security patrol, disaster management & fire watch.


Transportation facilities are highly probable targets for acts of terrorism, vandalism, robberies or unruliness from passengers. We prepare a comprehensive risk assessment and threat diffusion plan for each location which ensures the safety of passengers, workers, and equipment.

Our armed and unarmed security officers are extensively trained to diffuse any potential security threats. Our mobile patrol team cover the terminals and make sure there are no gaps in surveillance. Having a team of thoroughly trained and experienced professionals is extremely important.


Preventing acts of Vandalism: Our security officers are trained to use different approaches, preferably without the use of force to curb vandalism. Constant vigilance is assured so expensive equipment and property is kept safe and secure.


Enhancing safety: Transportation facilities are vulnerable to unlawful activities like armed robbery, assault, battery and drug peddling especially at night. Our 24-hour security surveillance actively discourages such individuals or activities and keeps the terminals and stations safe and secure.


Prevention of Crime:  Transportation facilities are susceptible to petty crimes which are often carried out near the boarding area where criminals try to steal valuables from unsuspecting commuters. Pyramid Security Group enforces a strict screening and surveillance system to prevent these kinds of activities from taking place.


Curb Trespassing: We take extra care to curb unauthorized access where official work, construction or maintenance work is taking place. Our security officers are experts in crowd control and are trained to instantly diffuse any situation where the physical safety of the commuters, officials,  maintenance workers, and construction workers are threatened.


We understand the security concerns when securing transportation facilities and the best way to tackle them.


  • Our security officers are subjected to a rigorous screening and training process. They are conditioned to handle any security risk in the quickest, safest and most effective way possible.


  • Coordination between the unarmed and armed security groups, surveillance team and supervisory officers ensure we are always on the lookout to diffuse any security threat that may arise.


  • Our security officers have extensive training in crowd management, disaster control, and crowd screening. This training is required for high-risk high traffic locations like transportation facilities.


  • Our 24-hour supervisory personnel and customer service team are available for you to voice your concerns or give us feedback.


It is important to employ the services of a security firm that understands the unique nature of threats associated with a particular location. We understand these threats and we have a security procedure to counter them.  We take care of safety and security so transportation facility operators can concentrate on the important job of running the facilities efficiently.

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