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Government Buildings

Pyramid Security Group provides security solutions to government facilities. We employ a meticulous approach to sensitive environments like government buildings. We only deploy ex-law enforcement, military veterans, or highly experienced security professionals to government facilities. We train our security officers in apprehension and interrogation techniques, crowd control, crowd management, and detection of suspicious activities. Our highly trained, professional, and experienced security officers would control and manage crowds and, at the same time, protect workers and visitors from any acts of violence or terrorism.


Security threats faced in Government Buildings include.


Terrorist threats - The 9/11 attacks have made terrorism a constant threat to all high profile buildings. There should be a high level of security and vigilance in the protection of government or public buildings.


Sabotage - Government establishments are often a repository of large amounts of data and files. Security measures that are not well planned and thought-out can lead to the loss of sensitive and vital documents due to arson or sabotage.


The threat to individuals - Government buildings also host high-profile occupants whose security is a matter of national importance. Ensuring constant protection for them without impeding their work is extremely important.


How we handle these situations.

At Pyramid Security Group, we understand the complexities of securing government buildings. We customize our security solutions to each industry we serve. We secure government buildings in the following ways.


  • Constant Patrol -  Our security officers are trained to make visible foot patrols in irregular patterns. Foot patrols ensure security officers are always visible and prevent any security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by criminals or terrorists.


  • Executive Protection -  Pyramid Security Group understands the importance of security for VIPs in government establishments. Our uniformed and armed security officers ensure that VIPs and other executives are protected against any threats such as kidnapping and bodily harm. Extra vigilance is put into place when these authorities interact with the general public or conduct press conferences.


  • Effective Crowd Control -  Our highly-trained security officers are equipped to deal with unruly crowds and will work quickly to restore order to any situation that gets out of hand.


  • Strict Access Control -  Our armed and unarmed security officers ensure only authorized persons can access the building premises. Any unauthorized access or suspicious activity would be treated with the highest priority and would be dealt with as quickly as possible.


  • Constant Supervision - Our supervisory personnel ensures strict adherence to our general orders and your rules and regulations. These supervisors are on duty 24 hours a day and conduct random checks to deal with any form of complacency from our security officers.


  • Strict Screening Process - Our security officers undergo a rigorous screening process, including background checks, aptitude tests, psychological tests, and drug tests.


We understand your security needs better than any other security firm. We adopt a flexible approach and create security solutions to fit different security challenges. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that your security and safety is in good hands.

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