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Healthcare facility

Pyramid Security Group provides certified and licensed security officers to take up the positions of mobile security, armed security, unarmed security, and fire watch at healthcare facilities.

Security officers are selected based on their ability and dedication to providing the quality of service required in a healthcare facility. Healthcare facilities must provide adequate security for patients, visitors and hospital staff to maintain a safe work environment. Our trained security officers are equipped to handle criminal activities such as theft, abduction (especially infant abductions) and violent patient agitations. Our security officers are also trained to provide restraint without pain, keeping everybody involved safe and out of harm’s way.


We protect hospitals, nursing homes, mental health homes and assisted living facilities.


Our services at Healthcare Facilities.


  • We provide 24-hour security to your facility.

  • We provide security to patients, infants, caregivers, and doctors.


Why you should choose Pyramid Security Group.


  1. We pay our security officers a living wage at the cost of smaller margins. A happy and content workforce means that you get the best security service from dedicated officers.

  2. Our recruitment and training process guarantees that every single member of our team is able to provide a high standard of efficient service to our clients.

  3. Our armed and unarmed security officers would keep a close check on entry and exit points in your facility.

  4. Supervisors are available round the clock to ensure smooth functioning of deployed units and to maintain the superior quality of service.

  5. We provide round the clock customer service which gives you the opportunity to voice your concerns or give us feedback.


Our Pledge to keep you safe.

Healthcare facilities require round the clock vigilance. Pyramid Security Group understands the varied security concerns that healthcare facilities face. We would mitigate all security threats by providing safety and peace of mind at your facility.

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