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Homeless Shelters

We provide professional security services to homeless shelters. Our security officers are trained to protect homeless shelters, homeless shelter residents, staff and visitors. Security officers take up the position of mobile security patrol, unarmed security & fire watch.


Homeless shelters require dedicated and efficient security officers who are intuitive, calm under pressure and are able to take decisive actions to ensure safety and protection of lives and property.


Security issues faced at Homeless Shelters.


  • Homeless shelters require layers of safety and protection. All entry and exit points, windows, rooftops, and access points should be under proper surveillance to restrict unlawful access by unauthorized persons.


  • There should be security coverage in violence-prone areas, such as the basement or the parking lot. These traditionally unguarded areas are high-risk zones.


How we can be of help.

We understand how important it is for homeless shelters to provide professional security and protection to residents and staff. We are ready to take charge and provide complete peace of mind in a homeless shelter environment.


  • Experienced Security Officers: Our security officers are chosen after they have passed our proprietary training course customized to a homeless shelter environment. Our workforce is adept at providing the best security service while following the required government rules and regulations.


  • 24/7 Supervisory Personnel: Our supervisory personnel is active 24/7 and creates a direct liaison between the patrol teams on site and the homeless shelter operator. Any request, query or special requirement can be passed on to our supervisory team.


  • Regulation Maintenance: We understand that every government regulated homeless shelter has a specific set of strict rules and regulations. Our expertise and thorough training make it possible for our security officers to adapt to any set of specific requirements and provide world-class service.


  • Insurance: We carry comprehensive general liability insurance coverage that covers some occurrence in a homeless shelter.


  • Exemption from Liabilities: Homeless shelters that lack proper security coverage can run into a lot of problems. Issues like legal troubles and insurance problems can be particularly hard to solve and may lead to a revocation of license or funding from the government. Having a dedicated security service provider automatically solves these problems and potential pitfalls.


  • Competitive Pricing: At Pyramid Security Group we understand how challenging it is to run a homeless shelter for hundreds of residents & provide all the mandated amenities. Our prices are structured in such a way that is affordable to any homeless shelter operator without sacrificing quality.


  • Security & Humanity: Not only do we offer security services to homeless shelters, but we also understand how difficult and sensitive the issue of homelessness is. We offer a sympathetic helping hand towards the residents while understanding their unique set of needs and providing a safe environment for them.


When it comes to providing security services to homeless shelters, you need a security service provider who understands the requirements, rules, and specifications necessary to safeguard and protect the residents and staff. We are in the best position to take care of all your homeless shelter security needs.

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