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Parking Lots

We provide certified and licensed security officers to parking lots. Our highly-trained security officers and supervisors work diligently to ensure that employees, customers, and business properties are always protected and safe from any criminal activities or acts of vandalism. Always alert, proactive, and vigilant, we provide unarmed security and mobile patrols to your parking lot.


Security at Parking Lots.

Parking lots are at substantial risk of vehicular theft and vandalism. They also create an opportunity for petty theft and kidnapping. Unsecured parking lots are a playground for criminals. According to statistics, roughly 80% of all criminal activities within shopping centers, strip malls, and other businesses occur in parking lots, strengthening the need for parking lot security. Listed below are common criminal activities that take place in most American parking lots.


Vehicular and Property Theft - An unattended automobile in a deserted parking lot is a car thief’s dream. Large flat parking lots attached to a mall or office complex can provide a car thief great visibility to watch for escape routes. Given a little time and no witnesses, thieves usually plan a quick rampage smashing car windows to steal a stereo, mobile phones, loose cash, or items left on the seat.


Violent Crime Purse snatching, robberies, and abductions are some of the common crimes that usually occur in unguarded parking lots. Shoppers often walk to and from their cars not caring much about the arrangements for parking. They don’t pay much attention to the people around while loading their shopping bags into the car or while they get children and infants into the vehicle. In most shopping centers, parking lot abductions and carjackings occur precisely because of these reasons.


Why choose us?


Theft and Vandalism Deterrence - We provide unarmed security officers who are trained and equipped to handle any attempts at theft and property vandalism. The constant presence of our uniformed security officers at your premises creates a strong visual deterrence to criminals.


Constant Vigilance - Our security officers would be found constantly patrolling your parking lot in random irregular patterns to ensure maximum security coverage of your premises. Any suspicious activity would be handled in a professional and non-confrontational way.

A different approach - Our security officers have been trained to be approachable to customers, visitors and staff in case of an emergency or if any help is needed. 


  • All our security officers are put through a rigorous screening process which includes aptitude tests, psychological tests, drug tests, and background checks. When you partner with us, you will be provided with the full applicant investigation result of each security officer posted to your parking lot.

  • Pyramid Security Group maintains comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure the protection of assets in case of any damage.

  • We provide round the clock customer service for your convenience.


As a business owner, you always want to provide reasonable protection for your employees, customers, and business assets. With Pyramid Security Group, you can rest assured that your parking lot and business premises would be more secure than ever.

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