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Religious Institutions

Pyramid Security Group provides armed and unarmed security officers to religious institutions. Our security officers are trained to take up the responsibility of providing complete security coverage to your religious institution. We strive to meet your safety goals and provide you and your congregation with peace of mind.


Religious institutions need focused and dedicated security officers whose sole duty would be to serve and protect. With growing religious fundamentalism and organizations trying to disrupt the harmony found in a religious setting, religious institutions are becoming targets for premeditated attacks and acts of terrorism. We understand the sensitivity and efficiency required to deal with acts of violence targeted towards religious institutions. Our extensively trained security officers are ready to protect against any criminal or terrorist activity targeting religious institutions. Our patrol team and mobile surveillance team coordinate to keep religious institutions safe from both outside and inside threats.


Our expertise in crowd and safety management enables us to react quickly in case of any criminal acts or acts of terrorism. During special events, visits by important religious figures or during religious holidays, we increase our security surveillance and are extra vigilant. We understand that there are occasions where many attacks and protests take place and we are ready to negate these situations in a non-confrontational and non-violent manner.


Our security officers are always on the lookout for criminal elements or suspicious activities among the congregation. Thorough screening methods are applied so that individuals with bad intentions are not allowed access to the premises.


We take strict action against any acts of theft, vandalism, and trespassing and try to stop any such incident even before they take place with the help of our ground patrol and surveillance team.

We understand that religious institutions are revered places of worship which deserve complete respect. Our security officers will protect your place of worship and give the congregation and religious followers peace of mind.


Why choose us?

Religious institutions need a security service provider that understands the unique security requirements in a religious environment. We assess where the risks are and devise a risk management plan to mitigate those risks.


Why we are the best.


Friendly & Approachable - Our security officers are trained to be an available source of information to the general congregation.


Strict Screening Process - All our security officers are put through a rigorous screening process which includes aptitude tests, psychological tests, drug tests, and background checks. When you partner with us, we will provide you with the full applicant investigation result of each security officer posted to your job site.


Training - Apart from the state-mandated training, our security officers are trained using our proprietary security officer training module. Security officers must pass this training module and receive a certificate of fitness from us before we post them to any job site.  There is a constant transfer of knowledge from the management team to the employees.


Customer Service - When you partner with Pyramid Security Group, you will have access to our round the clock customer service team.


Best Service at a Fair Price - We provide a forensic breakdown of our costs and expenses. We follow a fair pay policy and ensure one of the best wages for our security officers. You will get quality security services at an affordable price.

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