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Retail Security

Pyramid Security Group provides professional security services to retail stores, distribution centers, and commercial outposts. Our group of mobile security patrolmen and unarmed security officers are always on guard to meet the challenges that crop up in a retail environment.


We believe in providing only the best security services to our clients. Our supervisory personnel will work directly with you to develop a loss prevention plan for your store. Our round the clock customer service team are always at your service to address any of your concerns.


Shoplifting, robberies, and burglaries are a major cause of concern to retail store owners. Because retail stores are always very busy, it is necessary to have a dedicated and experienced security team protecting your inventory and business establishment. We excel at managing potentially dangerous situations by diffusing and de-escalating security threats without the use of excessive force or firearms.


Why choose us?


  • Our security officers undergo a rigorous screening process and on-field training which ensures their readiness to mitigate any risk and fulfill every task.


  • We believe in providing quality security services. We have a sense of ownership when it comes to protecting our clients.


  • We excel at crowd management, event management, anti-theft protection, and anti-vandalism services, all of which are essential in a retail environment.


  • We pride ourselves on being able to pay our guards a living wage at the cost of smaller margins. A happy and content workforce means that you will get the best security service from our security officers.


Retail security demands intelligent decision making, quick execution of security protocols, attention to the smallest details and quick diffusion of any security threats. We are capable of sorting out all your retail security needs while you concentrate on managing and growing your business.

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