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Educational Institutions

Pyramid Security Group provides security solutions and fire watch services to educational institutions through a network of experienced and well-trained security officers and fire guards.


The security, safety, and well-being of students, school staff and visitors is of utmost importance. With school shootings becoming increasingly common, a well thought-out security and fire safety procedure needs to be put in place to ensure safety and peace of mind for everyone.


How Pyramid Security Group can be of service.

At Pyramid Security Group our team of experienced security officers acts as the first line of defense against any suspicious or potentially dangerous activities. Our security officers possess the tact and professionalism needed to interact daily with students, visitors, and the general public. They are well equipped to liaise with local law enforcement officers in case of an emergency.


We design and implement security procedures to enforce school rules. We incorporate site-specific training for all assigned security officers and fire guards by regularly testing our effectiveness through drills. By implementing solid security strategies and tactics, we make your institution a safe and secure place for academics.


State of the Art Training - Our training programs are kept rigid in curriculum and flexible in application. In addition to state-mandated training, our security officers attend specialized training sessions which include on the job training and customer service etiquette training making us one of the best in securing educational institutions.


Flexible Approach - We customize our approach to safety to meet our client’s security needs. This is extremely important in a school environment.


Tough Screening Methodology - Whenever we assign our security officers to your institution, you can rest assured that they have been through multiple stages of the most stringent screening. We put them through a pre-employment psychological test, aptitude tests, drug screening, and full background checks.


Constant Supervision - We have supervisors who act as a medium of interaction between clients and the security officers. 


Customer Service - We provide round the clock customer service which gives you the opportunity to voice your concerns or give us feedback.


We understand your security needs better than anyone else. Maintaining the decorum and order of an educational institution needs a disciplined, dedicated and vigilant approach. Educational Institutions are a place for learning and inspiration, not fear and violence. We would make sure it stays that way.

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