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Sea Ports

We provide highly trained security officers to keep your maritime operations safe and secure. Our extensively trained security officers are just the right fit for your seaport security requirements. We use thorough risk assessment, risk mitigation, and threat diffusion strategies to solve each security threat. Such serious threats demand the immediate deployment of security professionals to mitigate these threats.

We protect Industrial ports and docking facilities. We also serve cruise ship port facilities, handling each guest with non-invasive and efficient security checks.


Why You Should Choose Pyramid Security Group.


  1. Our screening procedure and extensive training prepare our security officers to stay one step ahead of any challenging situation they find themselves in.

  2.  Our security officers adhere to state and national level port security rules and regulations which ensure safety and top quality service.

  3. We provide insurance coverage, this means in case of any property damage, your business is protected.


Best service at a fair price - We provide a forensic breakdown of our costs and expenses. We follow a fair pay policy and ensure one of the best wages for our security officers. You will get the best security service at an affordable price.

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