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Pyramid Security Group
Substance Abuse Poilcy
Pyramid Security Group has zero tolerance for substance abuse in the workplace. The responsibility to protect the lives and property of others is a very serious and important one. A little distraction or a momentary loss of concentration on the job could mean the difference between life and death. Pyramid Security officers must be attentive, proactive, hands-on and pay attention to the smallest details on the jobsite. Security officers must be ready to act fast when there is reasonable suspicion of danger or in an emergency. Pyramid Security officers must be able to maintain their composure to alert the fire department, emergency medical service or police and explain in detail the emergency taking place. It is extremley important that all Pyramid Security Group security officers are in the right frame of mind for the tasks they are assigned. All Pyramid Security Group security officers would be drug tested before gaining employment with the firm. Security officers must also agree to be drug tested at random during the course of their employment with the firm. This agreement shall be in writing and would be legally binding between the firm and its employees. ​​Consuming alcohol and smoking on the job is prohibited. Any security officer caught breaking our rules and regulations and disobeying our policies would be immediately terminated. We have a culture of  seriousness, commitment and dedication to the job we do. We will always strive to maintain that culture in every aspect of our business.
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