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Pyramid Security Group provides surveillance and security solutions to warehouses and storage facilities. We provide best in class 24 hour protective measures to warehouses at competitive prices. We would provide top quality risk assessment, risk mitigation and 24-hour watch service for your warehouse against any act of theft or vandalism.

Warehouses or storage facilities are a key component of any business. The disruption of services can result in substantial losses. Warehousing operations, an integral part of supply chain management needs access control and regular security patrols. We provide round the clock surveillance which deters any acts of vandalism, theft, break-ins, internal theft, sabotaging and unauthorized trespassing. We are a single source provider for all security services to warehousing facilities. Warehouses that employ professional security services have seen a steep decline in internal theft or sabotage. We understand that arranging security for warehouses can be expensive, that is why we offer competitive pricing for all our services while offering best-in-class security services for your warehouse and storage facilities.


A comprehensive look at the services we provide to Warehouses and Storage Facilities.


  • Warehouse security personnel (Armed and Unarmed).

  • Access control, surveillance, and screening.

  • 24-hour protection of storage facilities, machinery, and materials.

  • Setting up disaster management and emergency evacuation protocols.


Why Pyramid Security Group is your best choice.


Vigilance - Our security officers are trained to make visible foot patrols in irregular patterns. We ensure a security officer is always present nearby in case of an emergency.


Access Control - Our security officers will keep a constant tab on persons entering and exiting your warehouse. Any attempts at forced entry would be swiftly and strictly dealt with.


  1. Our security officers are extensively trained and are prepared to meet any security challenge faced on the job.

  2. We provide uniformed armed and unarmed security officers to mitigate any security threat using necessary methods.

  3. We provide a forensic breakdown of our charges so you know exactly what you are paying for. We believe in superior service and transparency.

  4. We provide general liability insurance coverage. This ensures the protection of assets and other materials in case of any damage.


Best service at an affordable price - We follow a fair pay policy and ensure one of the best wages for our security officers. You will get quality security services at the best price.

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